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Located on 2 1/2 acres in a serene setting, Rock Solid Sober Living Home is in an outstanding location with access to Lake Travis. We provide a safe, supportive environment for those seeking freedom from alcohol and drugs. Known as a transition between rehab and a full return to a happy life, Rock Solid Sober Living currently provides housing for 12 men in two homes on this peaceful site.

Rock Solid is founded on evidence-based principles of sustained recovery. Part of your transition will be to attend regular support program meetings, provide random drug test samples, and to show that you are moving toward recovery.  Our goal is to help lay the foundation for the most important aspect of your journey  ——  staying sober when you leave.

We aren’t a glum lot.  

If newcomers could see

no joy or fun in our

existence, they wouldn’t want it. We absolutely insist on enjoying life.


Alcoholics Anonymous

4th Edition

Page 132

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